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Pictures of what happens in the World of Broadcasting : 
Radio Maria World(.ppt - 10 Mb)

Baluns - Toroids - SWR Bridges - Common Mode Currents :
SWR Bridges-Baluns.jpg
SWR Bridge
S11Balun1:1 Loaded 50 Ohm .gif
S11Balun1:1 Loaded 50 Ohm Unbalanced at one pin .gif
S11Balun1:1 Open.gif
UHF Bead1.gif
Pattern Measurements with and without a Balun  .pdf
Guanella Wide Band Balun 4:1 and 1:1 practical results .xls

Q - Stubs  :
2.35m RG58 Short HF.gif
2.35mRg58 Open HF.gif
9.4mRg58 HF .gif

CIAORadio System :
Attenuator .JPG
AttenuatorTest 100 Mhz .gif
Attenuator 1.JPG

Professional scaled Measurements  :
4.5 : 1 Scaled measurements from Shively Labs.pdf

Field Measurements : 
Near Field Probes : Kanda.pdf
Calibration of Directional Antennas : Trazska1.doc
Low Frequency E - Field Standard : Trazska2.doc

Coaxial cables  :
Why coax have 50 or 75 Ohms Impedance ? (Taken from RFS catalogue)

Ionic Liquid Antenna :
Picture of a GP- ILA at 145 Mhz
ILA Salinity Probems.JPG
Why not use the Human Body ? : ONR_20010507.pdf
Variable delay line with Kerosene : Croce del sud 1.gif

The Use of Trees as Low Efficiency Radiators :
IEEE Article : Trees performing as Radio Antennas: 01141017.pdf
TreeReturn Loss.gif
Gain measurements comparing a 11m tree with an elevated GP at 13770 Mhz-Ionosferic-GP Upper Trace 
Gain measurements comparing a 11m tree with a WL/4 Monopole at 13780 Mhz - Ionosferic - Tree Upper trace
Gain measurements comparing a 11m tree with a WL/4 Monopole at 14500 Mhz- Line Of Sight - Tree Upper trace

Propagation in Lossy Medium  :
RF Propagation Basics.pdf
Trees Attenuation .pdf
Seawater Conductivity .pdf

Why a Capacitor is not a good  Antenna :
Radiation from from Capacitors : 0305062.pdf

Formula of the Capacitance of a Short Dipole  :

Loops Efficiency   :
1mSquaredLoop Inside the Wheeler's Cap.JPG

Tetrahedral Antenna from Alan Boswell  :

Antenna books  or Courses  :

Very Good Antenna Courses on Line
Russian Antenna Book 532 pages : ayzenberg.djvu ( 6Mb)
Russian HAM Books

Plug in for reading the files .djvu

Maxwell - Near -Far Field  :

Amplitude components of the E-Field - From "Antennas " Kraus-Marhefka: Maxwell.gif
Dipole Field Components from Vadim Devidov : Elem_dip0.pdf
From "Antennas"  Kraus - Marhefka : BasicAntennas.gif
EM Far Field in space :EM.gif
Very Basic :

Maxwell - Near -Far Field
Maxwell1.pdf (6.0 Mb)
Maxwell2.pdf (3.6 Mb)
Maxwell3.pdf (3.6 Mb)
Maxwell4.pdf (0.5 Mb)
Maxwell5.pdf (7.2 Mb)

Ground Planes - Radials 
Radials with WL/4 
Radials with WL/2
Different Vertical patterns for different length

Easy Cosmology  :
From MacroCosm to MicroCosm - Powers of 10 : index.html

Mounting Antennas  :
Fasten Sit Bealts before Downloading ! : antennisti.jpg

IEEE Article on tests on Short Medium Frequency Antennas and CFA - V.Trainotti .pdf
Testing the EH Antenna from antenneX public archive : eh1.pdf
EH ionosferic gain comparison at 14 Mhz with a Ground Plane : EH1.GIF
EH gain summary of measurements at 50 Mhz : EHgain.xls
How H Field varies rotating a coil :Hfield2.jpg
How H Field varies rotating a coil :Hfield1.jpg
Hately EMDR instructions
Lloyd Butler X-3 antenna test picture with MFJ suspended on air




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